Fabian Oefner

Artist, Director Disintegrating Reality to Define It

Artist, Fabian Oefner, was born in 1984 in Switzerland.

The intention of Fabian Oefner’s explorations is to convert the usually invisible powers of the universe i.e. scent, sound, gravity, taste, the passing of time time, into visual art experiences.

Collaborating with clients including Ferrari, Bose, Heineken, LG, and Peugeot Design, Oefner creates innovative multi platform campaigns to enhance product branding.

The lens of Oefner’s vision is art. His Disintegrating Series” is a suite of images of high performance cars apparently blowing apart. The series explores the relationship of time and reality, ultimately creating a visually rich rendition of a moment that never existed.

Oefner’s ongoing fascination with our perception of time produced the “Black Hole Series” that became the centerpiece of 2015 World Science Festival Gala celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Einstein’s Birthday and Theory of Relativity. The “Black Hole Series”, similar to many of Oefner’s projects, began in his Studio with no camera involved: his process: concept, tested by experiment, made tangible by design and photography.

Oefner’s collaboration with Peugeot Design Lab produced the installation t“Field of Sound”, a kinetic sculpture using more than 5000 Plexiglas blades, moving to the sound of a piano. “Field of Sound” is the tangible transformation of complex theories into interactive art.

Published internationally in The Washington Post, WIRED, The New Scientist, STERN, The Huffington Post and BBC Online, Oefner’s TED talk received upwards of two million visits.

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao

Photographer, Maker The Details Defining the Big Picture

Photographer, Jeff Laio is a world renowned visual storyteller, (Habitat 7, New York, Coney Island, Central Park) providing an exquisitely detailed narrative about locations as they are altered over time.

Using multiple exposures Liao creates a single hyper-realistic panoramic image allowing the viewer to experience that location in various light spaces, occupied by a cast of 'actors' that appear at Liao's pleasure. A single image -- created by Liao as an artist would create a canvas that tells a story about a location rather than just picturing it.

Liao’s first monograph, Habitat 7, essay by Anne W. Tucker, was published in 2008 by Nazraeli Press, which also published his second monograph, Coney Island, in 2013. In October 2014 Aperture Foundation published his third monograph, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao: New York, encompassing his work in New York over the past 10 years . His work has been exhibited at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Museum of the City of New York; Queens Museum of Art; and Bronx Museum of the Arts. Liao’s most recent panoramic black and white images are featured in his new book: 24 Solar Terms: Central Park New York and debuted at the Foley Gallery in Manhattan in October 2017.

Jeff Liao is available for assignments internationally through Myrna K 215.370.6518 Mobile Phone

Melody Melamed

Photographer, Director Gender Reality

Recognized by the most critical eyes in art and photography, including The International Center of Photography, Paper Magazine, Refinery 29, New Yorker Magazine and New York Magazine, Melody Melamed's powerful portraiture presents raw and provocative images of self discovery, gender awareness and individual power. Melamed presents an uncompromising view of humanity’s search for intimacy with self and others. Eliminating artifice, in technique and content Melamed exposes an unadorned picture of the human experience.


Michel Tcherevkoff

Photographer, Artist Wild Flowers

Michel Tcherevkoff is an iconic maverick artist, sculptor and photographer with an endless curiosity to tinker and mission to savor life.

After four decades creating advertising for clients including Colgate (a wearable designer dress made from toothbrushes), Coca Cola, Prescriptives (no product just botanicals), Maybelline (expressed with a world of fresh fruit), and a "sensorium" for Firminich Fragrances, Michel continues to create imagery from meticulously sculpted fresh botanicals for select luxury products. His book Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasydebuted as a one man exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan and sold out in both English and French editions. Michel's botanical images continue to be exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Eric Meola

Photographer, Artist Fierce Beauty

Eric Meola's graphic use of color and minimal design has described global landscapes, cultures, and music legends for four decades.

The recipient of the American Photographer of the Year Award and one of a handful of color photographers who are true innovators, Eric's images are included in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery and the permanent collection of the George Eastman House.

In 2004 Graphis Editions published Eric's first book, The Last Places on Earth, a look at disappearing tribes and cultures throughout the world. An exhibition in England of his photographs of Bruce Springsteen coincided with the publication of his second book, Born to Run: The Unseen Photos (Insight Editions, 2006), and was followed in 2008 by INDIA: In Word & Image (Welcome Books, NY), and an exhibit in 2009 at the Art Directors Club.

In 2011 Ormond Yard Press of London published an oversized 18" x 24" edition of his photographs of Bruce Springsteen — Born to Run Revisited — that was limited to 500 copies. Streets of Fire, his fifth book, was published by Harper Collins in September 2012. In October 2013 Welcome Books published a revised and updated edition of INDIA: In Word & Image, as the previous edition had sold out.

In April 2014 Eric received the George Eastman Power of the Image Award at an exhibition and ceremony celebrating the work of 22 international photographers in Beijing, China.